Dip into Self Insight and Professional Growth

How to relate to self-insight by examining the cognitive approach Revolutionary changes unfolded in the past three decades whereas new points were brought into focus by psychology studiers, experts, and scientists. For this reason, we often see cognition (the ability to acquire knowledge) which is the mental faculties or processes that acquire knowledge by using perceptions, intuitions, and reasoning. This process has taking the lead over the 20th century disputes and theories that lead to behaviorist approaches.

At one point, the C.E.O. workers aboard the psychology department were asked a question. The question revolved around cognitive approaches, which eight of the ten professionals agreed that cognition took the front. Many points has been issued that presented many views and questions.

Many of these questionable views stream from the Western Philosophers, (Philosophy of the mind) and (Sciences of the mind) and behaviorists (sciences of behaviors) — (Westen, 2005)
Jean Piaget became a worth mentioning philosopher when she came up with the idea that cognitive perspective is the focus “on the way people perceive, process, and retrieve information.” (pg. 15; Psychology) Jean’s new finding led other psychologists and scientists to believe that memory structures encode the information we learn from experiences so that we can store it for later use and retrieve it when needed. According to Jean’s discovery, our coding structure affects “how” easy “we can later access” the info that we retain.


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Taking the dip into the mind, one may consider other aspects and theories, yet this idea led most people to believe that the human mind only functions on 10 percent of the 100% storage capacity. As humans, we typically retain numerical more so than we do names.

Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Black, Red,

Review, and try to remember these lists. Once you are finished, stop and close your eyes. Do not look at the lists again. Try to recall what you remember. Likely, you will remember the numbers, but will forget the list of colors. This is not a problem; it is just a point to be made. We have two sections of the mind, which is our long-term and short-term memory. The long-term stores permanent information, while the short-term mind stores temporary files. The mind stores information and enables us to use it when relevant questions are presented. The short-term mind cannot act as quickly to give us information because it does not connect us to direct environment; rather it links us to the past memories.

What is the purpose?

The purpose is if you intend to use self-insight to develop professional growth, thus cognitive thinking must be understood, since it gives way to the decision-making processes. For example, per se you stroll into a department store with the intent of buying a new Dovetail Fixture. The first thing you think of before you walk in the store is the fundamental characteristics that you want to find, such as price, style, features, quality, and so on. While you are working out the details in your mind, the salesmen is at the other end of the food chain calculating how he will describe the tool, how much the quality outweighs the cost, and so on. Both of you are dipping into the languages of knowledge. Each party is deliberating and wondering what the other one is saying, or meaning as both of you speak. The sales clerks for example, may say, “This is the bargain of a lifetime.” You might interpret this as, “there is better deals elsewhere.”

Now if you dip into your insight, you could compare and contrast the price, quality, style, and other characteristics, especially if you would have researched prior to stepping into this store. Now you must assimilate all aspects of the product, and then decide on its importance and partner that is buried deep in your mind, thus silently channeling information to help you make a decision, and is transmitted through the neural driving forces, i.e. your subconscious mind.


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